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Exodus 20 – The Moral Law

This is so important I am Reblogging to myself.

Rainbow Trout

I’m listening to lesson 20 of Dr. Dilday’s teaching from Revelation and just by chance this week’s lesson is on the Moral Law of the Sabbath.

You have to sign up to listen to the lesson since this is a course and not just a sermon. There is however an old sermon of his on Sermon Audio that most likely covers the same material.

The Lord’s Day

Pastor Steven Dilday | Revelation

Liberty and Grace Reformed

In the course he strongly recommends reading Edward’s discourse.

Perhaps it is true that the root of our problems in society today stem from the neglect of this command, when we no longer set aside a day to draw closer to God, we grow progressively further from Him and his Word!

The Perpetuity and Change of the Sabbath


Jonathan Edwards


“Now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order…

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