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Regulative Principle of Worship

I posted on this topic earlier. This question is again raised over at Pulpit and Pen. What is the Regulative Principle of Worship? BY NEWS DIVISION · MARCH 28, 2018 Smoke machines. Laser shows. Strobe lights. Confetti canons. Easter egg helicopter drops. Welcome to church in evangelical America. Long gone are the days of hymnbooks… Continue reading Regulative Principle of Worship

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John 6:41-51 “Human Inability, Divine Ability”

I've been looking for this sermon by Dr. S L Johnson, I heard maybe 10 years ago. It has this excellent description of the common purpose, of God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit work in all together to bring us into salvation and Eternal Life. Towards the end of John's… Continue reading John 6:41-51 “Human Inability, Divine Ability”

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This is part two of my posts from the Wylie study. Here are two summary chapters that Wylie writes on the Institutes. History-Protestantism-Vol2 - Calvin's Institutes These are: CHAPTER 23. THE “INSTITUTES.” Calvin Discards the Aristotelian Method — How a True Science of Astronomy is Formed — Calvin Proceeds in the same way in Constructing… Continue reading INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION Part II