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Psalm 45 & Song of Solomon 7

Gill writes:

This psalm is called “a song of loves”, an epithalamium, or marriage song, setting forth the mutual love of Christ and his church; or “a song of the beloved ones” (u) or “friends”; of Christ, who is the beloved and friend of his church; and the church, who is the beloved and friend of Christ; see Isa 5:1; and the word here used being in the feminine gender, some have supplied the word “virgins”, and render it thus, “a song of the beloved virgins” (w); sung by them on account of the marriage between Christ and his church, who are the companions of the bride, mentioned in Psa 45:14, and friends and lovers of the bridegroom; see Son 1:3.

The Song of Christ love for the church continues in the next reading.


In this chapter Christ gives a fresh commendation of the beauty of his church, in a different order and method than before; beginning with her “feet”, and so rising upwards to the “hair” of her head, and the roof of her mouth, Son 7:1; And then the church asserts her interest in him, and his desire towards her, Son 7:10; and invites him to go with her into the fields, villages, and vineyards, and offers various reasons, by which she urges him to comply with her invitation, Son 7:11.

Perhaps it is a coincidence but these two reading complement each other.

If you wish to heard them along with the Numbers passage use this link: Max McLean.

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