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Bible Reading 2018 – Halfway Point

I noticed that I didn’t actually can conclude 2017 posts with a final update on my Ten Lists reading which dates back to 2012. So that’s actually six years of reading under Professor Grant Horner’s program.

During that time I read almost 900 days at the 10 chapters per day for a total of about 9000 chapters in the Bible. That’s the equivalent of 7 to 8 times through the Bible.

This year my focus changed to the M’CHEYNE reading that our church is doing. That’s either three or four chapters. Interestingly I have over 260 posts on my blog in this category and as I’ve mentioned in the past these are more of just a personal journal of my reading, than a commentary on the Bible. It’s often a random choice which verse to write a post on. Some are not necessarily the most significant verse in the reading.

I continue to use old John Gill’s commentary and often times you’re find me quoting way too much of it.

Not very many people come to the blog to read these. And I don’t post necessarily on each chapter but I still average posting on about half of the readings.

Many of the benefits and observations I’ve had under Professor Horner’s plan continue this year with the added benefit that the fewer chapters allow for more time to digest the reading in context.

Looking forward to the next six months together on this path.

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