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M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan


I just posted my 364th post, one year’s worth of comments on my M’Cheyne based Bible reading this year. That is one for each day, although I did not post every day, and often posting more than once. Nor have I posted on every chapter, which would hav been over 1,200. But it is enough give a sample of what one reads when working though the Bible in a year. I’m hoping to get close to 400 by the end of the year.

I am think about next year, either repeating this reading, as there is always something new to discover, or focusing on the Psalms, using Gill’s and Spurgeon’s commentaries, or just the New Testament. Perhaps a combination of both. I will let you know.

I probably will post fewer comments and shorter ones….I still need to work on that aspect.

BTW Another challenge is to read through the King James Version for the year.

As you know, I did that a number of years ago and have never turned back to the modern Bibles. I’ve used both a printed, electronic and audio copies….but not the original first edition illustrated below.

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