New Testament & Psalms 2019, Passover/Easter

It happens this Week: Passover and Easter

I’ve been listening to a couple of Pastor Ganger’s, February sermons on communion. Good information. If you run into a free moment and have any curiosity, take a look.

I continue to deal with finding a definitive discussion of these last week events. And having a crisp answer to anyone who has a question about the exact timing.

I am looking for any good and valid article or discussion that deals with the timing of the last supper in the New Testament? One that really clarifies all the accounts in the Bible about the event?

I’ve looked at this a fair bit too much over the years and have my own posts on my blog.

I’m particularly curious this year, as it seems it’s one of the few in the cycle of years when the events of the crucifixion seem to line up with the current year. But maybe I am missing something.

If Passover begins to be observed at Sunset on Friday night, and Jesus was crucified and died during the day we call Good Friday, when the Passover lamb was sacrificed, he and the disciples clearly had to have eaten the last supper and observed the Passover early. Traditionally Thursday night. The best explanations I’ve heard are that like the Sabbath, Jesus was Lord over the Passover and could choose to observe it when he wished. Another lesser explanation is that the dinner was a kind of graduation ceremony for the disciples, and could have been even earlier, even Wednesday. This pertains largely to the large volume of teaching and doctrine we read in John’s account.

Anyway, maybe it is not to be clarified. Any comments?

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