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Reblogging Reformation Article

Please note his comment. 
Today, at this moment, there is not one person in heaven due to having embraced Rome’s gospel, and there never will be. This is not to say that no person who professed to be Roman Catholic will be in heaven. If they read the Bible and embraced the biblical gospel, they would. However, such an individual’s entrance into heaven would be in spite of Rome’s blasphemous gospel, not because of it.
Pretty good summary of scripture and makes the point by first looking at the actual doctrines of the Roman Church which are still on the books. Btw it was these doctrines from the Council of Trent that were the reason the early reformers responded with the 5 Solas.
Since all early reformers came to faith out of the Roman Church there was and is plenty hope for our Roman Catholic friends and family members. Hopefully they find the true gospel. Many may attend the Roman Church out of tradition, or personal preference for the style of service, or whatever reason. Few probably understand the doctrines, although I would suspect that many still would say that the sacraments and ones works are required…..since it seems logical that we should some how merit our salvation or pay for our own sins at least some way. Sad but true.

Would you agree?

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