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Asymptotic…..not closer than 6 feet.

I was the Victim of spell checker…trying to say asymptomatic. it’s rather funny though if you think about it mathematically and place the “limit” as 6 feet. Never get closer without a mask is the new normal.

What does asymptotic mean?

For the word asymptotic, we need to move from health class to math class. Asymptotic is an adjective form of asymptote—which has nothing to do with medical symptoms.

An asymptote is “a straight line approached by a given curve as one of the variables in the equation of the curve approaches infinity.” In other words, the line and the curve get closer and closer and closer but, no matter how far out you follow them, they never meet. Yeah, we think an illustration is called for here:

Probably an equation to incorporate >6’, rule can be written, but that’s nerdy enough.

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