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Reformation followup….

Short follow up. Since the Reformation celebrations are over I will make this brief and just give you the links to choose if you want to look further.
OCTOBER 31, 2021

Five Doctrinal Fruits the Reformation Bore

by Clint Archer
Have you ever wondered why people call themselves “Reformed”? The word “reformed” generally means “improved”

We have been looking through and digitizing old 35mm slides. I found I actual took a picture of this back in the 70’s on my first trip to Switzerland.

I also found Michelle Lesley had an almost funny twist to understanding the modern day Five Solas.

And if one is still not convinced to consider leaving the Roman Church, you might read a bit more about Purgatory. Probably not a place one wants to visit, but do remember Luther’s 95 Thesis, kicking off the Reformation, questioning Indulgences directly relates to this.

Btw..the movie was real, hopefully nobody got tickets!

After I sent the above out to a few friends I noticed this additional article.

Flashback Friday: After Darkness, Light (With An Updated Introduction)

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