Monthly Reader

Monthly Reader – January 2022

Keeping with my new work flow I’m adding things to the top of the monthly reader.

Last ones 1/31, that seem appropriate for the times.

One of the hardest thinks to speak about. Btw John 6 has much to add on our salvation. It reads very clearly in the KJV., look 👀 it up.

Exclusive Access: For Believers Only

Clint was born and raised in South Africa. After pastoring there for 14 years he now serves as pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist in Mobile, Alabama. He and his wife Kim have four children and a Jeep.

The Mailbag: Husbands, pastors, and mentors- Which roles do they play in a Christian woman’s life?

Here is the 1/28 update.

Two good posts for women from Michelle Leslie


Throwback Thursday ~ The Way We Wor(ship)

Here is another exhortation to sound doctrine. What You Don’t Need To Know And What You Certainly Do Need To Know About False Teachings

Below are a couple of good catch up posts by Mile Ratliff.

Chosen in Christ

Dealing with some troublesome issues. Unable to See the Forest For the Trees

Good advice on dealing with Biblical Foolishness.

Rarely does one see good teaching from Revelation. For that I highly recommend Dr Dilday’s studies. Here Mike Ratliff, makes some good points. On two churches.

Btw Old John Gill comments on Nicolas…….and Nicolas, a proselyte of Antioch; who was first a Greek or Gentile, and then became a Jew, a proselyte of righteousness, and then a Christian, and now made a deacon. Some think, that from this man sprung the sect of the Nicolaitanes, spoken of in the Revelations; though others think, that that wicked set of men only covered themselves with his name, or that they abused some words of his, and perverted the right meaning of them; though was it certain he did turn out a wicked man, it is not to be wondered at, that since there was a devil among the twelve apostles, there should be a hypocrite and a vicious man among the first seven deacons. It is observable, that the names of all these deacons are Greek names; from whence, it seems, that they were of the Grecian or Hellenistic Jews; so that the church thought fit to chose men out of that part of them which made the complaint, in order to make them easy; which is an instance of prudence and condescension, and shows of what excellent spirits they were of.

I’ll end with this one. Spiritual Wisdom

I looked up today and it’s already the 27th. And I have not posted or reblogged anything all year!

Time has been focused on being a Grand Dad, or “PopPop” as I am called. I may soon get back into some regular updates, in the meantime, not much new out there so if you have time just read up on things I posted in the past.

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