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A Cake Not Turned


I found Mike’s commentary on the Spurgeon devotion quite useful in it’s description of these two aspects of the current visible church.

Mike concluded..” The reason preachers edit the Gospel this way is to increase their numbers or, in the case of Wokeism, it is to become socially acceptable. They have believed the ideologies of men rather than trusting in the promises from God’s Word. They have compromised the truth in order to please men. They have mixed themselves with the world and have proven that they are cakes not turned whose product is just more half-baked dough like themselves.”

Btw, Mike much like your other Spurgeon posts, maybe 🤔 add the date reference, this one is a little out of the timeline. When I got into reading it though I could definitely tell you were quoting him.

Also maybe your readers would like to check out Acacia’s free 1676 John Bunyan’s book The Strait Gate, or, Great difficulty of going to heaven.

It talks in length about the narrow path, as does Pilgrim’s Progress, and the difficulties along the way.

Possessing the Treasure

by Mike Ratliff

8 Ephraim mixes himself with the nations;
Ephraim has become a cake not turned. Hosea 7:8 (NASB)

The Gospel is not something given to us in such a way that gives us the right to edit it. Nor is it our prerogative to change the focus of our local churches from what God intended. Both the Church Growth movement and Wokeism does both. Both of these movements are based on ideologies rooted in pragmatism. These ideologies say that if something produces the desired results then it must be right and, therefore, the will of God. However, there is a major flaw in this because it begins with a false assumption.

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