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Monthly Reader – November 2022

11/2 – Wow time passes quickly, we have been busy these last few months. Spending time with our new Grandson. Completing our long planned and Covid delayed hike across Switzerland. Attending to my wife’s retirement, among other duties. I keep watching the news but really the depressing economic realities and the election spin have dominated and I have not thought much of picking up others comments and sharing. Maybe after the election there will be useful links to pass on. As for the Visible Church world, not much has changed in the current progressive trend.

You have probably noticed most of my posts the past few months are comments on Mike Ratliff’s daily updates which simply present useful insights into faith. Quite often he will quote the Spurgeon Morning and Evening Readings which are always helpful.

If you are looking for good posts on Reformed Faith applied today check out Mike’s blog.

Or The Cripplegate posts:

For women reading this, I recommend Elizabeth Prata, or DebbieLynne and Michelle Lesley (although Michelle is now reposting often her old posts since they are still relevant to both new and old readers).

I’m still following Pastor Ganger’s sermons, and I’ve been attending their Zoom Bible Study.

Audio files of sermons are available for listening on your device or as downloads.

Choose the Sermon Audio tab from the menu, or
access the page from this link

A couple of other notables:

My friend Dean and I finished Dr. Dilday’s NT class, and still are working slowly through Revelation (now at Rev 9:13, in his Poole translation, but that was last updated 3 months ago). He is currently beginning what should be a great new class, check it out.

Introductory Theology

Dean, Pete and I continue to work through Derek Thomas’ lecture on John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, and our reading the book. When we finish we may go on the his second book about Christian’s wife, or maybe all work on the Theology Class.

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