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Two good posts by women….

I came across these two post this week. Both women are good writers and have good thoughts on these touchy subjects. Note: These women’s blogs are intended for women readers. But it might be interesting for any women reading this to share with their husbands.

Discernment: A Spiritual Battle, Not a Logical One

Like I said the topic can be controversial……..

“My job is not to argue my friend into believing that Joel Osteen or Beth Moore or Benny Hinn or Christine Caine is a false teacher. My job is to lovingly present what Scripture says, demonstrate how the teacher is in conflict with it, leave it on the table, walk away, and continue to pray for my friend. My job is done. It is now the Holy Spirit’s job to open my friend’s eyes and change her heart.”

The Unpopular Thing That Older Women Must Teach Younger Women

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