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10 Lists Bible Reading Plan

I am attempting to start the 2020 Plan a day early. In past years, I found I could do about 2/3rd's of the plan which is about 2,400 chapters in a year. Not the full 3,600. That was still about like reading through the whole Bible twice. Enough for me. I did notice the little… Continue reading 10 Lists Bible Reading Plan

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Less than a week….2019 Year ending

Bloggers I read are taking their Christmas breaks, or repeating old posts, recapping their best posts of the year, and soon will be reviewing events that took place in 2019. And don't forget the lists of Bible Reading Programs for 2020 is coming out of the closet. I need to finish my 2019 M'Cheyne reading… Continue reading Less than a week….2019 Year ending

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M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

Milestone: I just posted my 364th post, one year's worth of comments on my M'Cheyne based Bible reading this year. That is one for each day, although I did not post every day, and often posting more than once. Nor have I posted on every chapter, which would hav been over 1,200. But it is… Continue reading M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan