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Reformation followup….

Short follow up. Since the Reformation celebrations are over I will make this brief and just give you the links to choose if you want to look further.OCTOBER 31, 2021 Five Doctrinal Fruits the Reformation Bore by Clint Archer you ever wondered why people call themselves “Reformed”? The word “reformed” generally means “improved” We have been… Continue reading Reformation followup….

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How I use the Pilgrim’s Progress in Evangelism

Great idea. I would agree...and still use the Bible of course. My friends Art, Paul and I read the book in our Study a number of years back. Highly recommend it or any of the old or new films based on it. Reblogging from: How I use the Pilgrim’s Progress in Evangelism I’m a… Continue reading How I use the Pilgrim’s Progress in Evangelism

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A Discernment Post

Lately I’ve been trying to steer away from the more controversial discernment posts, but last night my WLC reading challenged me with the significance of people saying or doing things they should know better about. Q. 151. What are those aggravations that make some sins more heinous than others?A. Sins receive their aggravations, (much listed… Continue reading A Discernment Post