Faith and Christianity

The Power of the Gospel….

This is also worth repeating entirely.

It is confirmed by Romans 1:16-17

Thabiti Anyabwile

Which Way?

I once heard a dear brother in the Lord express his ministry philosophy, in part, with this formula:

Good deeds lead to good will which creates platform for Good News.

I don’t think it’s original to him; he mentioned an author I didn’t recognize. I suspect he’s not alone in holding this view of things. And, again, this is a very dear brother in the Lord.

When I heard my brother articulate this point of view, instantly I was thinking, No, it’s:

Good News creates a new people who do good deeds that lead to good will.

In other words, good deeds and good will are not needed to accredit the gospel or to give the gospel power. Acceptance of the gospel isn’t fundamentally a matter of how well we adorn the gospel. Faith rests on the power of God, not the persuasiveness of men. Moreover, the gospel has long had its effect in areas where good will evaporated in the heat of persecution and hatred.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We should adorn the gospel. Genuine faith does issue forth in good deeds. Men should see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven. And I realize that in a dynamic world like our own, we’ll see both things happen: good deeds will lead to good will and good news, and good news will issue forth in good deeds and good will. That’s not what I’m pressing.

My question is this: As a matter of ministry philosophy and intent, which should it be? Good deeds creating good will creating opportunity for good news, or good news creating people who do good deeds and perhaps creating good will?

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