Major Speeches in The Book of Acts

Speeches in the Book of Acts

Some while back I prepared a study guide to the major speeches in the Book of Acts.

Over the next few weeks of posts, I intend to capture and post the content of each of these passages, and perhaps make a brief comment on one or more verses within the speech.
This is a study we did in our Tuesday morning group, hopefully it will be a useful focus.
 Acts Study…..Longer Speeches or Talks of the Disciples and how they apply today.


This is the quick outline of speeches or discussions in Acts that I have observerd.

There may be more. We need to check each for the actual verses that make up that speech or talk.

As noted the text should begin in these chapters and verses.

But as we study, please correct.

At the end of the study I can do a wrap-up list.

This is my own list so we are doing the proof reading.


Acts 2:14 Peter Pentecost

Acts 3:1 Peter Solomon’s portico

Acts 4:5 Peter & John before the council Also Acts 5:22

Acts 7:1 Stephen‘s speech

Acts 8:26 Phillip and a man of Ethiopia

Acts 11:19 Church in Antioch

Acts 10:34 Peter Cornelius

Acts 13:15-52 Paul at Antioch in Pisidia

Acts 14:8 Paul Lystra

Acts 15:6 Peter, Paul James Jerusale Council

Acts 16:30 What must I do….

Acts 17 Paul in Thessalonica and Berea

Acts 17:22 Paul Athens

Acts 20:17 Paul to the Elders

Acts 22-23:11 Paul’s defensearrest, and before the chief captain 

Acts 24:10-27 Paul before the governor

Acts 25:6-12 Paul before Festus

Acts 26 Paul’s witness before King Agippa

Acts 27:9-11; 20-26 Paul on the ship

Acts 28:22-31 Paul Rome



Some questions to consider.

1. What events of Israel’s history are referenced?
2. Are these facts or fiction?
3. What is said about Jesus that we can confirm in the gospels?
4. What did the speaker say about himself?
5. What did he exhort the listeners to hear and do?
6. What condemnation did he receive?
7. What was the reaction of the listeners?
8. What can we learn about how we should speak about our faith today?

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