Devotional Readings

Quick blogger update

This is a low follower blog. But I am getting close to having 20,000 total hits. Hopefully someone is reading, besides the great Internet search engines.

I now have almost 1,000 posts in my most recent faith categories: Devotional Readings and since beginning this year Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength. As mentioned in the past, these are mostly, just extracts from my own Bible Reading, under my regular reading Plan – Of Ten Chapters a Day – The Ten Lists, designed by Prof. Grant Horner.
In reality with missed days and other activities, I average more like 5 chapters….but I have kept the program since 2012.
My own commentary words are few and I often: link to Max McLean, oral readings, the KJV is particularly suited for this; quote passages from the Bible; and the great historical commentaries of Old John Gill, and Matthew Henry.
Rarely if ever do I point to more controversial bloggers or to current events. Though I have links to some useful such sites. These should be used with caution, and over the years I find I personally disagree often with some or more of what they post…..and they often conflict with what they present.
These links are not the primary purpose of the blog, which remains to be more of a journal of observations of passages of scripture, the Bible, which stand out in my reading. In reality, almost all of the verses, could be commented on, but that is impossible for me, and I leave that to the old commentators.

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