Bible reading plan

Bible Reading – Concluding 2016 and getting ready for 2017

There are a couple of bloggers who give some useful direction for those wanting to read the Bible more in 2017. I find much of these and other blogger’s posts to be insightful, though I can’t recommend all that they post. So use your own discernment.

Michelle, even puts in a plug for the Professor Horner 10 Lists program that I switched to a few years ago. You can read more about my experiences in the links below.
Another blogger,  Elizabeth Prata, (why are these women so good at promoting this?) gives this extensive review.
Just to balance it out, Tim Challies, who hooked me into my original 10 Lists reading has this to say for 2017.

I often hear even highly regarded pastors create a straw man argument about people in the church reading too much of the Bible. I really don’t find this the case. While it may be true that any number of professors don’t obey the Words they find in the Bible, I can rarely if ever find someone who reads it too much. It’s much more likely to have the Bible’s we have go unread, or only read for those passages that stir up feelings we like. Reading through and believing and obeying the whole Bible just doen’t appeal to our culture even in the church today.

10 Lists Reading

Although I’ve slowed my reading pace thus year, I am still almost up to day 800 of this program. Most of the slowing has been due to my taking the time to post brief comments on many of the passages I am reading. 

I encourage those of all ages to pick up a good Bible and begin reading it regularly.
I started with the ESV, and after a couple years made the switch to the KJV.
I use an applet to link to BibleSoft and the Max McLean reading the KJV. My go to iPad and iPhone Bible it e-sword HD, and I use Old John Gill’s verse by verse commentary often. There are excellent printed KJV Bible’s at the Trinitarian Bible Society site:

And one of my good friends, uses the Matthew Henry Comentary version of the KJV. I bought a couple of those as gifts this year.

Key Topics of my Blog

I’ve written several times about my experience with Bible reading.
You can find these links also in the side bar of my blog.

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