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I don’t normally post in this direction, but this seems to be coming into some focus…..feel free to trash or disagree. Dialogue is good and if any of these facts are wrong let me know.

There is some amazing History unfolded below…not the least of which is the story of John Quincy Adams, and the role that reading the Bible played in his life. If a man of this statue committed the first hours of the day to his Bible reading should we not consider the same for ourselves.

This is a position I began to purse myself in more earnest just over 5 years ago. You can read more about that on my blog. I’m not saying that all that I read sticks or gets applied, but I cannot buy into the concept that those in the church read and study their Bibles too much. That is a fallacy!

Btw: my observation is that the more you read it the more it draws you into it’s depth, and totality of it’s doctrines, this can be a lot broader than the simple messages that commonly repeatedly taught today. Paul said it this way.

2Ti 3:15  ♥️  And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

2Ti 3:16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

2Ti 3:17  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

Ok, now for some history…if the fact checkers disagree, let me know.

If you read the attached article you will find this statement.

African slaves were purchased from Muslim slave markets and brought to America.

Throughout the 1,400 years of Islamic conquest, Muslims enslaved an estimated 180 million Africans.

That statement got me thinking, just how many actually came to America.

Certainly a sad part of our early history…but it’s quite interesting to read the other details that follow in the article below.

Also, it’s curious that Trump was just at the new African American Museum in Washington, and included a call against anti-Semitic speech, this contrasts with another speech that I read about here:

Fox News quoted: Trump also said Tuesday that his visit to the Smithsonian Museum on the National Mall was a “reminder why we have to fight bigotry and intolerance in all forms.” 

Whatever your political position that is a positive statement.

The country and the world has a big problem, which hopefully we are beginning to grasp. Probably the best place to start is with History Lessons.

Except from article. If this link is accurate the numbers may surprise you.

Btw this is just an aside from the thoughts mentioned above, the Adam’s article flows below this….keep reading, and btw, I have not read nor endorse other things he may have written, I just did a Google search for the numbers.

How Many Slaves Landed in the US? Henry Louis Gates Jr.

The most comprehensive analysis of shipping records over the course of the slave trade is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, edited by professors David Eltis and David Richardson. (While the editors are careful to say that all of their figures are estimates, I believe that they are the best estimates that we have, the proverbial “gold standard” in the field of the study of the slave trade.) Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 millionAfricans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. 

And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage. 

In fact, the overwhelming percentage of the African slaves were shipped directly to the Caribbean and South America; Brazil received 4.86 million Africans alone!Some scholars estimate that another 60,000 to 70,000 Africans ended up in the United States after touching down in the Caribbean first, so that would bring the total to approximately 450,000 Africans who arrived in the United States over the course of the slave trade. 

Incredibly, most of the 42 million members of the African-American community descend from this tiny group of less than half a million Africans. And I, for one, find this amazing.

But after reflecting on those statements read some of Adam’s history below. We can only pray that our current leaders can live up to this standard. 

Then get up early, get out your Bibles and start reading if you have been neglecting them!

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Subject: “When I recover my power…your treaty shall be waste paper”-Muslim Dey of Algiers, reported JQA

American Minute
“When I recover my power…your treaty shall be waste paper”-Muslim Dey of Algiers, reported JQA

On FEBRUARY 21, 1848, “Old Man Eloquent” John Quincy Adams suffered a stroke at his desk in the House chamber.

He had just given an impassioned speech against the Democrat plan to expand slavery into the Western territories acquired after the Mexican-American War.

He died 2 days later without regaining consciousness.

A bronze marker on the U.S. House floor indicates where the desk of John Quincy Adams once stood.

John Quincy Adams was the only U.S President to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives after having been President, serving as a Congressman from Massachusetts from 1830 to 1848.

Nicknamed “The Hell-Hound of Slavery” for relentlessly speaking out against slavery, John Quincy Adams single-handedly led the fight to lift the Gag Rule which prohibited discussion of slavery on the House floor.

In 1841, John Qunicy Adams defended 53 Africans accused of mutiny aboard the slave ship Amistad

He argued their case before the U.S. Supreme Court and won, giving them back their freedom.

John Quincy Adams stated:

“The moment you come to the Declaration of Independence, that every man has a right to life and liberty, an inalienable right, this case is decided. I ask nothing more in behalf of these unfortunate men than this Declaration.”

John Quincy Adams is the only major figure in American history who knew both the Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln, as a freshman Congressman from Illinois, was a pallbearer at John Quincy Adams‘ funeral.



African slaves were purchased from Muslim slave markets and brought to America.

Throughout the 1,400 years of Islamic conquest, Muslims enslaved an estimated 180 million Africans.

The annotated John Quincy Adams-A Bibliography, compiled by Lynn H. Parsons (Westport, CT, 1993, p. 41, entry#194), contains “Unsigned essays dealing with the Russo-Turkish War and on Greece,” (The American Annual Register for 1827-28-29, NY: 1830):

The natural hatred of the Mussulmen towards the infidels is in just accordance with the precepts of the Koran …

The fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion is the extirpation of hatred from the human heart. It forbids the exercise of it, even towards enemies …”

He continued:
“In the 7th century of the Christian era, a wandering Arab … spread desolation and delusion over an extensive portion of the earth …

He declared undistinguishing and exterminating war as a part of his religion …

The essence of his doctrine was violence and lust, to exalt the brutal over the spiritual part of human nature.”

John Quincy Adams-A Bibliography reported that during the Barbary Pirate Wars:

“Our gallant Commodore Stephen Decatur had chastised the pirate of Algiers … The Dey (Omar Bashaw) … disdained to conceal his intentions;

‘My power,’ said he, ‘has been wrested from my hands; draw ye the treaty at your pleasure, and I will sign it; 

but beware of the moment, when I shall recover my power, for with that moment, your treaty shall be waste paper.'”

Frederick Leiner wrote in The End of the Barbary Terror-America’s 1815 War Against the Pirates of North Africa (Oxford University Press):

“Commodore Stephen Decatur and diplomat William Shaler withdrew to consult in private … The Algerians were believed to be masters of duplicity, willing to make agreements and break them as they found convenient.”

The Annotated John Quincy Adams-A Bibliography (NY: 1830) continued with the statement:

“The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace … 

The faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. 

The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.”

John Quincy Adams described Muslim behavior in “Essay on Turks” (The American Annual Register for 1827-28-29):

“Such is the spirit, which governs the hearts of men, to whom treachery and violence are taught as principles of religion.”

This is similar to Winston Churchill, who described Muslim behavior in The Story of the Malakand Field Force (Dover Publications, 1898):

“Their system of ethics, which regards treachery and violence as virtues rather than vices, has produced a code of honor so strange and inconsistent, that it is incomprehensible to a logical mind.”

Scottish philosopher David Hume wrote the Prophet of Islam in Of the Standard of Taste, 1760: 

“Let us attend to his narration; and we shall soon find, that the prophet bestows praise on such instances of treachery, inhumanity, cruelty, revenge, bigotry, as are utterly incompatible with civilized society.”

After reading the insight of John Quincy Adams, Winston Churchill and David Hume, one is faced with a perplexing question: if someone is capable of cutting your head off, would they be willing to lie to you first in order to gain entrance into your country for that purpose?

During his career, John Quincy Adams also served as:

-U.S. Minister to Russia; 
-U.S. Minister to Prussia; 
-U.S. Minister to the Netherlands; 
-U.S. Minister to Great Britain, where he negotiated the end of the War of 1812; and 
-U.S. Secretary of State, where he negotiated obtaining Florida from Spain.

On September 26, 1810, John Quincy Adams wrote in his diary:

“I have made it a practice for several years to read the Bible through in the course of every year. I usually devote to this reading the first hour after I rise every morning …

I have this morning commenced it anew … this time with Ostervald’s French translation.”

In September of 1811, John Quincy Adams wrote to his son from St. Petersburg, Russia:

“My dear Son … You mentioned that you read to your aunt a chapter in the Bible or a section of Doddridge’s Annotations every evening. 

This information gave me real pleasure; for so great is my veneration for the Bible …

It is of all books in the world, that which contributes most to make men good, wise, and happy … My custom is, to read four to five chapters every morning immediately after rising from my bed …

… It is essential, my son … that you should form and adopt certain rules … of your own conduct … It is in the Bible, you must learn them …

‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, and thy neighbor as thy self.’ 

On these two commandments, Jesus Christ expressly says, ‘hang all the law and the prophets’.”

John Quincy Adams’ correspondence to his son is compiled in Letters of John Quincy Adams to his son, on the Bible and its Teachings, which contains his statement:

“No book in the world deserves to be so unceasingly studied, and so profoundly meditated upon as the Bible.”

On March 13, 1812, John Quincy Adams noted:

“This morning I finished the perusal of the German Bible.”

After negotiating the Treaty of Ghent, John Quincy Adams wrote from London, December 24, 1814:

“You ask me what Bible I take as the standard of my faith — the Hebrew, the Samaritan, the old English translation, or what? 

I answer, the Bible containing the Sermon on the Mount …

The New Testament I have repeatedly read in the original Greek, in the Latin, in the Geneva Protestant, in Sacy’s Catholic French translations, in Luther’s German translation, in the common English Protestant, and in the Douay Catholic translations.

I take any one of them for my standard of faith.”

On December 31, 1825, John Quincy Adams wrote in his diary:

“I rise usually between five and six … I walk by the light of the moon or stars, or none, about four miles, usually returning home … I then make my fire, and read three chapters of the Bible.”

Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson described John Quincy Adams:

“No man could read the Bible with such powerful effect, even with the cracked and winded voice of old age.”

John Quincy Adams wrote:

“I speak as a man of the world to men of the world; and I say to you, Search the Scriptures! The Bible is the book of all others … not to be read once or twice or thrice through, and then laid aside, but to be read in small portions of one or two chapters every day.”

At the age of 77, John Quincy Adams was vice-president of the American Bible Society, where he stated, February 27, 1844:
“I deem myself fortunate in having the opportunity, at a stage of a long life drawing rapidly to its close, to bear at … the capital of our National Union … my solemn testimonial of reverence and gratitude to that book of books, the Holy Bible

The Bible carries with it the history of the creation, the fall and redemption of man, and discloses to him, in the infant born at Bethlehem, the Legislator and Saviour of the world.”

John Quincy Adams stated in his Presidential Inaugural Address, March 4, 1825:

“‘Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh in vain,’ with fervent supplications for His favor, to His overruling providence I commit with humble but fearless confidence my own fate and the future destinies of my country.”

Prayers and Presidents-Inspiring Faith from Leaders of the Past

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