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A word about Blogs particularly for or by women….

Blogs particularly for or by women.

I’ve been wanting to write this up for some time. The more I review the many blogs that are out on the Internet the more I have run across a few women who are attempting to share a bit about women’s roles and Christian life. I thought it might be good to at least capture in one place some of the resources that I’ve come across. Perhaps some women will find some of these useful.

So here are the blogs….

One of the blogs by a young woman Erin Benziger who is trying to live out a faithful witness to women in the protestant churches. This one is specifically for women. Read her About section on the Blog, about the Blog, her background and her statement of faith. I could not determine if Erin is married or single she posts little about her personal life.

She also has radio posts on No Compromise Radio is a Ministry of Bethlehem Bible Church in West Boylston, MA Under the direction and supervision of Pastor Mike Abendroth

Since these are directed specifically at women, I don’t follow them.

This is the second blog that Erin has. And I do follow this one. She often makes comments about many of the things going on in the public sphere of the visible church. Usually posting every Friday, and update she calls…. This ‘n’ That. I think it is fine for both men and women to read these. During the week she may make a post on a particular issue. And she tries to share a Hymn of Praise on Sunday.

I can’t really say I like the name of this blog, The blogger another woman, Elizabeth Prata follows the doctrinal positions of John MacArthur’s Grace to You website. The blog name reflects that we are in the end times….which are all the days after Jesus’ resurrection, don’t be frightened by the name it is not a prophecy blog…but it does discuss a lot of current visible church issues…and often fairly directly. She is also a photographer. Lives in Georgia but is not married.

This is a major discernment research site. They cover lots of issues in the visible church and today’s culture. Several women contribute to the site. The team is headed by a woman.
General Editor

Contributing Writers

This one is clearly for women only. She indicates that she is physically disabled and over 60. Since I don’t read it you can judge this one for yourselfs. She does affirm Romand 1:16 and speaks of being The Outspoken TULIP.

Her name is Jennifer and says a married mother of two teenagers.  Her primary ministry is my marriage and children. She too follows MacArthur so they must be allowing women to blog regularly. She writes: “This blog will be comprised of theological essays.  I hope ladies find the posts encouraging, edifying, and good food for thought. Soli Deo Gloria!”

This is a pretty new blog only since September 2016. Mostly on theological issues.
This is Leslie and she puts her whole family into her blog, which is actually named Growing4Life!
I found her looking into bloggers who were teaching on how to discern think in our visible church and culture. They run a landscaping business. Her brother is a Pastor and she uses his church’s doctrinal statement.

One final note: Many of these bloggers will have links to other Christian blogs, as I mention often, always use Biblical discernment when viewing and reading any of these or their links. Even the best of teachers will perhaps stray off the narrow path. Just recall John Bunyan’s Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, and be assured that our God will never allow any of his sheep to stay lost.

Joh 6:39  And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. 

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