M'Cheyne Bible Reading Notes

Notes about The Verse of the Day

Perhaps a quick review of the purpose of these posts:

1) There is no plan in selecting them.
2) They don’t necessarily represent the most important doctrines in the chapters I am reading, nor is the commentary a complete discussion of the versee.
3) Often I do though include Old John Gill’s (mid 1700’s) commentary for his perspective from an earlier time closer to the heart of reformed teaching.
4) The verses selected are only a limited sample of verses that caught my eye in the reading. many others could have been selected.
5) As most of this blog is, these verses are more of a public version of my persoanl journal and at most reflect just my own thoughts of what may or may not be important and not necessarily would mean as much to anyone else.
6) I highly recomment reading the verse in context. The ones I am selecting are taken from the M’Cheyne Bible reading plan.
7) “The 19th Century Scottish minister, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, (sometimes spelled McCheyne) who lived from 1813-1843, prepared a plan for Bible reading to take readers through the New Testament and Psalms twice a year, and through the rest of the Bible once each year. There are approximately 4 chapters per day in this plan.”

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