Catch of the Week, Faith and Christianity, Lost and Found

Both Here and There……

The was an interesting post I just read, missed it when it came out.
It must be true…

Santa Claus and Schrödinger’s Cat
One of the frequent arguments against the existence of Santa Claus is the question, “How could he possibly make it to every home throughout the whole world in one night?”

At last, quantum physics gives us the answer.

Also check my older post on a similiar Quantum Effect.

Btw, If you are inclined to buy into this you might want to check out a much more dangerous stream of think have been lately propogated on the visible church. Metaphysical Mysticism Masquerading as Science.

This stuff is loaded with false teaching, it is offered only as a warning and resouce if you ever come across it. Stick with your Bible reading.

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