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John 6:41-71 – A Word about Atonement and Election

While hiking yestarday I listened to a sermon by a Pastor I have grown to appreciate for his preaching directly from the Bible and commitment to historical reformed teaching in this post-modern day.

The sermon covers very well the often confused topic under the term “Election”, it gives a good explaination which is easy to follow, and explains why it is so important to preach the gospel to all people.

John 6:41-71 – Atonement – 2/28/10 PM

That audio file is in WMA format, it will play on a PC and most likely a MAC, but on the iPhone or iPad one needs to open it from inside an APP like OPlayer which can play files other than MP3’s. If that is the case just copy the link and paste it in your OPlayer browser, inside the APP.

You can find other sermons at the church website using the link below. These are older sermons but still very good. They are working on a new website. But are just a small local church trying to live and teach the whole word of God.

Pastor Rev. Joghinda Gangar graduated in 1984 from Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, CA. He was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church in 1986 and served churches in Calgary and Wellandport in Canada. Since 1998, he has been serving Trinity URC in Walnut Creek. Rev. Gangar was born in Punjab, India, and raised in England. He is married to Sheena and has seven children who ranged in age from 20 years to 6 years.

In February 2004, Rev. Gangar and his brother, also a minister, went on a mission trip to Punjab, their birthplace. This was the first time they had visited Punjab since they left as children 43 years ago. They were enthusiastically received and held three evangelistic meetings, each with about 300 present. Rev. Gangar desires to see this opportunity for missions continue and grow since the people seem to be open to the gospel.

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