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Proverbs 8 – Jesus Christ’s Cry….

My last post mentioned briefly about the short verse:

John 11:35  Jesus wept.

Here we see a different cry. John Gill opens the chapter this way:

Proverbs 8:1

Doth not wisdom cry?…. Christ, who is the Wisdom of God; See Gill on Pro 1:20; and which clearly appears from his subsistence with the Father, his eternal existence, and from many personal properties, characters, and actions ascribed to him throughout the whole of this chapter, and in the following. “Crying” is here attributed to him, which signifies proclaiming, publishing, preaching the everlasting Gospel, which directs men in the right way of enjoying peace, comfort, honour, and eternal happiness; the allusion is to an herald that this up his voice aloud at noon day in the public streets when he proclaims; and is opposed to the whispers of a harlot, at night, in a corner; truth seeks no corner, its voice is heard at noon day, it will bear the light. Now, “does not” or “shall not Wisdom cry”, or Christ preach; verily he does or will, in his word, by his prophets under the former dispensation; in his own person, and by his apostles and ministers, under the present; who then would hearken to the alluring voice of a harlot, or hear Jezebel the wicked prophetess teach, when Christ himself preaches, or however by his faithful ministers?

and understanding put forth her voice? the same with Wisdom, or Christ, see Pro 8:14; by whose voice the Gospel is meant, which is the voice of Christ, which is heard and followed by the sheep of Christ, and not the voice of a stranger; and “putting it forth”, giving or uttering it, signifies the publication of it.

It is good to see Christ in the words of this Proverb.

If you have the time listen to Max McLean read the chapter.

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