Catch of the Week, Monthly Blog Summary Post List

May/June update of Good Reads

There are a few good posts to pass on.

Rather than update my previous post again I began a new one for May and June. Here is the prior one….

Building month of good posts…

Phil Johnson and Todd Friel Address Servus Christi, Michael Brown, and More


Michael Brown obfuscates on his own faith statement, and Kim Walker Smith’s gospel of emotion. Listen to the episode of Too Wretched for Radio below:

10 ways to identify false teachings

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Rick Becker

This would seem to be obvious….

6 Reasons You Need to Stay Hitched to the Old Testament

Posted by Michelle Lesley in Bible, Old Testament

And another good post…


Posted on May 21, 2018 by Mike Ratliff

Just reading this helps to understand many of today’s issues….

Marx in Sheep’s Clothing

Cultural Marxism keeps the presuppositions but lays the Marxist solution of Communist Revolution to the side. In truth, the problem is called “Cultural Marxism”, and it has an ugly offspring called “intersectionality”.

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