Devotional Readings, M'Cheyne Bible Reading Notes

Deuteronomy 5; Exodus 20 – The Law Given

Today’s reading, June 1st, begins with this retelling of the Law which we read in Exodus 20. I thought I would try to build a table of the Law using Excel on my iPad. I’ve had some trouble with this in the past, but it seems the latest version is pretty user friendly both in formatting, column and row sizing and options for saving the table.

I had to create an image file to upload it to Word Press but here is the text in in KJV from the two chapters. Note verse 4 which sets the scene and the highlighted texts which read a bit differently in the two chapters. Deuteronomy leaves out the reference to creation Ex 20:10, but adds the hand of God in the Exodus Deu 5:15, and in v16 expands a little on the promise.

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