Catch of the Week

Catch of the Week…

As our culture and world seem to spin more and more out of control and we are bombarded by all of it in the media and by our cultural leaders, I seem to be observing more and more articles that are well written addressing various aspects from a Biblical perspective. From time to time, I mention a few, that perhaps are worth reading if only to see another perspective. If you review the past few posts there are some I’ve already highlighted….see a few below…plus these.

The Mailbag: Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and Lent

All these are relevant since our church will observe both Ash Wednesday and Lent, as first a time to gather as a larger group, and then to gather weekly to study 40 days of prayer in community groups. The plan is to use The Circle Maker, which you can see brings up one side of concern discussed in the link below. BTW, we do need more emphasis on prayer and confession of our sins to God. This is a very good thing to strive for.

And the role of the church in the world is the subject of this controversial topic. It’s been a few months since the Dallas Statement was being discussed and it will be many more months if even ever until we see clearly on these issues. In the meantime here is another article on the issues…there are many more.


Here are a couple of the prior ones each with their associated links:

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