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Luke 8 – A few thoughts, but not a commentary

I might title this Jesus care for women.

But even that might be taken as controversial in today’s modern church. Much like my growth in faith that has led me to a deeper belief in what the Bible actually says about Creation and Miracles and Doctrine, I do actually believe there is a purpose to the roles assigned to men in the Bible. Not the least of which is that our world would be a better place if men actually stood up and followed the Biblical teachings about leadership.

Anyway I digress let’s look at a could of themes in Luke 8. A chapter full of Jesus interaction and caring for women.

Although not of his direct Apostles(the 12), women of all character and means followed with Jesus:

Luk 8:1  And it came to pass afterward, that he went throughout every city and village, preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God: and the twelve were with him,

Luk 8:2  And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils,

Luk 8:3  And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.

Both the previously demon possessed, and the well off married and single women of means and many others. They definitely played a role in attending and supporting Jesus’ “preaching and shewing the glad tidings of the kingdom of God:”

A few verses later Jesus explains the parable of the good ground with this simple statement.

Luk 8:15  But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience.

This applies to everyone who hears the word…but all do not:

Luke 8:10  And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.

Adding this as a warning:

Luke 8:18  Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.

We are not sure who of Jesus disciples were in the boat when they went over to the Gadarenes.

But he also we see Jesus challenging the faith of those closest to him.

Luke 8:25  And he said unto them, Where is your faith? And they being afraid wondered, saying one to another, What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water, and they obey him.

In his short time there Jesus spoke not only with the people and the man with the demons, but actually directly to the demons:

Luke 8:28  When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.

Luke 8:30  And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.

It’s interesting how the fear that was widespread in the people of that area limited Jesus ability to minister there to them…but at least the one “sheep” among them had been found and he received direction of what he should do:

Luk 8:37  Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about besought him to depart from them; for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship, and returned back again.

Luk 8:38  Now the man out of whom the devils were departed besought him that he might be with him: but Jesus sent him away, saying,

Luk 8:39  Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published throughout the whole city how great things Jesus had done unto him.

Let’s note that this is not unlike how the great Westminster Catechism focus’ on what our own purpose is: WSC Q1

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man?

A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

The chapter ends with two more examples of Jesus caring for women:

Luk 8:47  And when the woman saw that she was not hid, she came trembling, and falling down before him, she declared unto him before all the people for what cause she had touched him, and how she was healed immediately.

Luk 8:48  And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.

Luk 8:54  And he put them all out, and took her by the hand, and called, saying, Maid, arise.

Luk 8:55  And her spirit came again, and she arose straightway: and he commanded to give her meat.

Luk 8:56  And her parents were astonished: but he charged them that they should tell no man what was done.

Anyway, probably too much commentary for just one of ten chapters today, and as always read the verses in context of the whole chapter, read 10-20 verses before or after if you need insight into what it actually says and if you can apply it to yourself. Pick up a good old commentary; either Gill or Henry. And listen to what is taught with a mind to obey.

Mat 28:18  And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Mat 28:19  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Mat 28:20  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

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