Ten Lists Bible Plan 2020

A very good sermon on God’s Law

I put this on Facebook share, but added it here too.

should have shared a note. You may not find many pastors teaching traditionally like this. Our friends Art and Lori are blessed to have him as their pastor. They meet virtually and for a few outside with COVID-19 restrictions, but perhaps it’s an even better opportunity to share his messages. Small church, focus on the creeds, confessions and catechisms, sincere prayer, singing hymns, a piano, and solid Bible teaching. If you find this useful, check out his morning service 9/20, and a similar evening service from 7/5.

Facebook has the entire service, complete with motorcycles 🏍 and baby 👶 sound effects. Let me know if you listen and what you think, you might not find so clear teaching like this everyday.

Btw you can of course skip through the recording and find just the sermon or visit their website to find just the audio.


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