Ten Lists Bible Plan 2020

False Paths

This was old, I recently found it in my drafts.

Interesting reading this morning.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Are You Part of a Sect?

If your church associates with a group of churches that requires exclusive allegiance to itself, you are part of a sect. Despite their boastful claims, sects do not understand the New Testament doctrine of the Church. They are in error. All sects are based on half-truths, faulty reasoning, doctrinal oddities, deceptions, guilt-manipulation, and fear, which are not of the Spirit of truth and liberty. If your church denies you your Spirit-given right sand privilege to fellowship with all Christ-loving, Bible-loving Christians and churches, you need to obey God rather than man and free yourself and family from these unbiblical chains.

Understanding the Church, by Joseph M. Vogl and John H. Fish III, pg.206-207Posted by Glenn E. Chatfield at 11:53 AMNo comments:

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