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Question about Biblical Doctrine

Thought you might find this interesting, maybe not. SBC is still major player in the South or Southern California where Saddleback is.. This gets a little long since I got up at 4 this morning thinking about the latest planetary alignment, and out of bed by 5:30 🕠 I only saw the moon and after coffee got pulled into the discussion by my morning reading. Might take you a few days to digest, if you care for this much detail. It goes way beyond the SBC.

I’m not a Baptist. But as the SBC has been the largest denomination I often watch what goes on in their world. IMHO, their drift towards liberalism, represents the final major movement in the Visible Church. This Models the trend in the country as a whole. Many have gone before them.

Rick Warren, put all his clout on the table at last week’s SBC gathering. But the purpose of my sending this is not so much him, but the subject of the article.

I’ve been listening to Pastor (Dr.) Steven Dilday’s recent sermons on Church Unity, in which he makes the point that Doctrine is very much a necessity for church unity. It’s not sufficient, as the Bible calls us both to Truth and Love, but it is necessary. Though after 14 sermons he has not mentioned the women pastor issue, though back in 2023 he did short 3 part series on Women Deacons…teaching out of the Westminster Confession, you would be most interested in just what he says there.

Part 1

In the EPC which MVPC AND CPC, both joined they have an essentials statement with this framework.

Our church left the PCUSA, and joined EPC, somewhat more doctrinally sound. Here is their Essentials Statement. Which makes several specific points.

What is interesting it appears to rest solidly on these doctrines bookended  by an opening …..” The Bible, uniquely and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the supreme and final authority on all matters on which it speaks. On this sure foundation, we affirm these additional essentials of our faith.”

And closed with….

“The Essentials are set forth in greater detail in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

In Essentials … Unity

In Non-Essentials … Liberty In All Things … Charity”

I’m not sure how they actually reconcile that non-essential doctrine statement to the detail in the WCF? Does that make sense?

Interestingly the article below ends with this statement.

Christians, “secondary issues” are still God’s commands to His church. They are not open to personal interpretation and application. And they are most certainly not open to rank disobedience because we do not like them. These doctrines inform us of the character and nature of our Lord and Savior. They call us to humble ourselves and submit to Christ that we might make much of Him. Our commitment to study and live in accordance with these doctrines brings glory to His name. They point the watching world to the Savior who is greater, more majestic, and more beautiful than anything we have to offer. To do anything but make a diligent effort to be transformed by these doctrines is to put ourselves over His Word. May this never be. Pastor Warren and those who applauded him need to humble themselves and repent. 

Secondary doctrines are important doctrines. Study them. Know them. Live by them. Be humbled by them. Glorify God in obeying them.

I recommend Pastor Dilday’s sermons, but they are longer and he does tend to emphasize his points with a lot of detail so they are not a quick study.


Church Unity • 14 sermons | new!

Most recent listed first.

If you are concerned about the direction of the largest denomination in the USA the SBC, and it’s accelerated liberal drive, there are among the concerned two Bible following women who recently commented about it. They would both disagree with Warren’s ordains women pastors.

Btw, Todd Friel who runs Wretched Radio has some similar thoughts you can listen to here on You Tube….concerned enough to have two separate programs about the issue.

So what do you all think? Below is the original article that got me started thinking about this.

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