Catch of the Week, Lost and Found

A few thing to think about….

Personally I see this as purely mathematical.

Read the article below.

We all have the same model HBC (Human Brain 🧠 Computer)

At 5 years old any past year’s information is one fifth, 20% of our total knowledge. At 10 years, 10%, etc. so those events represent a large portion of our life. They are a big deal and we remember them easily.

When you’re age 50, it’s down to 2% and if you are lucky enough to live to 100, it’s 1%. So any given year represents one twentieth of what it does at 5 years. You can image with 365 days, and xxx hours, minutes, seconds….that moment you put your keys down is a tiny portion of your memory.

I guess the article called it clutter.

But what we really need is technology upgrade, perhaps a quantum brain transplant.

In lieu of that AI will replace us, unless we can get a direct interface connection. I hear that’s an alternative use of the bellybutton port we were designed with when God created us.

If you wish more information above alternative theories on quantum entanglements of lost objects read my White Paper on that…

Lost and Found – Rainbow

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An interesting explanation of why aging leads to forgetfulness.  Can’t remember where I got the link…

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