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Two Good Posts

Mike Ratliff has two good posts this week. Both are fairly long but worth the time.

Let us look at the sixth stanza of Psalms 119. It is entitled “Vav.” The first line in this stanza says, “May Your loving kindnesses also come to me, O Yahweh,Your salvation according to Your word;”

The statement, “…and I shall walk in a wide place” in v 45 is better translated, “I will walk in liberty.” This is talking about the wonderful truth that the regenerate believer has grace empowered will. This will does not consist of the right to choose what we want to do, but has the ability to choose to not sin. It is a wonderful liberty to be a slave to sin no longer. Only the Born Again has this regenerate will. The unregenerate are in bondage to sin and that includes their will. That will is not free and everything it chooses is sin.

And yesterday’s …

Faith without Works is Dead

Before we go to the rest of this passage let’s pull together what we have learned so far by paraphrasing the first two phrases. Jesus is speaking to a group of people in a “works” theology religious system. He says, “Come near unto me, all of you who are working hard at being spiritual.” Incredible! Here is a gem of a passage that specifically addresses those who are trying to be spiritual in their own strength. Who are they? They are the self-focused. They are the spiritually bankrupt believers and non-believers who are striving after the wind in complete vanity. Many of them are working very hard at being religious, but it is by their own will power not within the grace of God.

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