Faith and Christianity

Ordination and Total Truth

Our church is going to start the process of looking for a new pastor.

I recently read a great reflection by Tim Challies (see link to right) who was ordained as a elder/pastor. (click here to go directly to his reflection).
I found it very inspiring in a world where it is increasingly hard to uphold the whole Gospel.

There is also a great interview with Nancy Pearcey, author, Total Truth, on the Christian Worldview Site.

I read the book last year and highly recommend it. If you have 50 minutes time the interview is very informative.

Why The World Can’t Handle The Truth (And Why Christians Compartmentalize It)
Saturday, May 15, 2010 – HOUR 1
Podcast: Download (Duration: 50:50 — 8.7MB)

The discussion is focused on what is Truth, the Cultural Mandate and how Fact and Values are separated in today’s world. The book goes into depth about how we got to the point where secular and spiritual realms have be separated into the public and private spheres.

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