Devotional Readings

Anticipating finishing second full cycle of 10 lists reading….

I refer you back to the post I made in January 2013.

It’s taken more than a year to just complete the longest of the 10 cycles which stretches 250 chapters.
I’ve taken it slower than prescribed by Professor Horner, enjoying deeply the reading in the KJV, often cross referencing within the chapters or to other portions of scripture, and frequently stopping to read how Old John Gill or Albert Barnes have commented on a verse or passage.
If you have read the blog at all you know that for the past 15-16 months my posting has focused almost exclusively on a personal reflection on one or more of my daily Bible readings. Often these became lengthy with numerous verses posted for context and long wordy passages from Gill presented to refer the reader to his insight.
To my amazement this has added up to over 350 posts, probably an even year’s worth by the time next week I finish the last 5 readings in this cycle! 
Readership is still small I have yet to hit the 10,000 hits stat.
But that is ok as these were deemed to be just documenting my own thinking, be it wise or otherwise about the readings.
Often I have neglected the more obvious, and directly applicable teaching within each day’s reading, just commenting on the more curious passages. I’m not sure this is the best use of my time, going forward, I may try for the next cycle to be more succinct, more focused on the high point or points each day. Maybe even being more reflective in my own learning from the reading, expressed in my own words, and using shorter quotes from Gill. Hopefully, making each post more readable. Having WCS, Writers Challenge Syndrome, and incorrect iPad autocomplete insertions will make this difficult. 
Keeping focused on shorter is better will be a goal.

Pro 17:27    He that hath knowledge spareth his words: and a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit.

Pro 17:28    Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.

I expect to continue in the KJV reading…..and maybe integrate in listening to the singing of individual Psalms, which I’ve been doing on and of for a few months.
Understanding it as part of our regulative principle of worship.
I will add more next week as I complete the cycle, God willing. 

Start blogging again

I’m going to start adding to the blog in a more frequent way. What I’m thinking is that I want to capture some of the thoughts that I’m having while going through Prof. Grant Horner’s Bible reading plan of 10 lists or 10 chapters of the Bible a day

Since this is the second year that I’m doing this ReadingPlan I wanted to put them in some form other than highlights in my Bible, capturing some thoughts that I’m having as I’m reading the Scriptures.

If you should read this you’ll probably find the thoughts are somewhat random somewhat scattered and would be best understood by reading all of the Bible chapters for that day.

These writings are in no way complete and certainly don’t represent any new revelation.
Rather than my words I will try to primarily just focus on the text of the Scriptures.
Hopefully over time I will develop a more coherent style.

I may at times include post from other Bible reading.


PS Last year I read through the Bible in the ESV this year I’m making an attempt to read through the Bible in the KJV. So I may periodically post my observations of reading in the KJV.

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