Bible reading plan

Ten Lists Readings

Over the years I’ve mentioned often about the 10 Lists Bible Reading Program.
I thought that I might share a couple of the most recent readings and a few insights on what I do.
I’m approaching my 800th day in this program.
And don’t forget to get up for the Sunrise.

Sunrise over the Sea of Galilee. 
It’s designed to have one read 10 separate chapters, one each from each of 10 Books of the Bible each day. When I initially followed the program, I was able to do what the designer Prof. Mike Horner suggested, that is, just read it and don’t pause too long to reflect on passages and verses that you don’t understand. If one does this it usually takes about 35 minutes a day. Lately if you follow my posts, I am take much more time and spending time looking at wider contexts for the readings, and even checking the Old John Gill or Matthew Henry Commentaries for added insight. And of course it takes a great deal of time to make these individual posts. Often I cover just a few chapters in a day. But I just pickup where I left off and continue reading the next day.
Both approaches are useful. 
If you begin this program, I still recommend the faster approach, the first few times through the Bible.
It’s useful to get a grasp on the entirety of God’s Word….and when you get into a more detail study,  passages will be more familiar in the broader context.
Here is an example from today’s reading #791.
Check out the other posts I made here;

Key Topics of my Blog

If you use the Applet, it tracks your progress over the years.
And it can be linked to BibleGateway,….here’s the link, and you can read the chapters all 10 in sequence.
If you want to listen to Max McLean as you read the passage there is a small speaker icon that links to the audio for each chapter. Unfortunately, you cannot link all 10 at once, so you have go back to the text page which is still open in your browser and scroll down to read the next chapter and repeat the audio selection for it….and so forth. I hope that is clear. Here is an example of the first chapter in the reading.

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