Devotional Readings, M'Cheyne Bible Reading Notes

John 18:38  Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?

Family: 2 Chronicles 33; Revelation 19. Secret: Malachi 1; John 18. (King James Version)

Amazing way to end the year……Each reading seems to be Crescendoing: All leading toward the captivity, the end of prophecy finally and Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and the 2nd coming,

M’Cheyne certainly did a great Reading Plan design!

Old John Gill writes about Malachi and the end of the Old Testament…

The general design of it is to reprove the Jews for their ingratitude to the Lord, their neglect and contempt of his worship, and breach of his laws; and to raise in the minds of the truly godly an expectation of the Messiah, and his forerunner, John the Baptist.

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