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Catch of the Week – Is there harm in using New Age Language?

I think I have this book, Another Jesus Calling. Curious impression reading this extract. Maybe these things are popular and sell because of the words they use. If someone gave you this power to be co-creator in a new peaceful world wouldn’t you desire to have it? I’ve never read Young’s book, and don’t plan to read it, she has many flavors of it. I would suspect one would find many “good” ideas in it, mixed with this stuff. I doubt she actual has ties to Hubbard or Walsch, but at least these connections are uncanny.
Nothing new here, just a view that is heard less and less today. If you know this to be proven wrong let me know why?
Meanwhile I will stick with the Biblical Jesus, from the original text the Bible….he did the creating we can best try to just follow….anyway if you wish you can read this short article.
Some of the Lighthouse Trails material is good, but use caution, in other areas I’ve read I.e. they get their writing on Calvinism completely wrong, and completely miss the point, which does call into question their whole research site, But I’ve found the New Age views consistent with concerns I’ve read on other sites. So use with discernment and if their inferred connections in terms is wrong, or just an unfortunate choice of “attraction” words the authors use let me know.

Jesus Calling— “Co-creating” With God

 Warren B. Smith
In Jesus Calling, “Jesus” mentions a key New Age term: co-creation. Many people do not realize that co-creation is a New Age evolutionary concept that teaches that man as God co-creates with God because man is God also. But man is not God….. more

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