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The article below raises some interesting questions about our world today. Are these a concern? If you want more on the ideas of Christianity and socialism from a economist I personally know check these links below at the bottom of this post. But this leads to larger studies and debate.
As this first line says, the next 50 or so years will be interesting. Not only do we have a quarter of the world following various forms of Islam, but the next largest religion (Roman Catholics) is said to be lead by a Jesuit with Marxist ideas. When you combine this with the historic Marxist nations such as China and Russia and the South American block, and the course of socialism in Europe and now the USA, one wonders where is the role of traditional Biblical Protestantism. And do note, that even here a majority share of the so called Evangelical/Protestant church actually is connected with it’s own interesting forms of faith: Pentecostalism, Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation groups. That is another story, but actually worldwide there is a very small share of historical Biblical Protestants. One wonders where the next decades, let alone the next 500 years of the Reformation will lead us or if the Faith of Wycliffe, Huss, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, etc…will actually persevere. 
And this heralds perilous times.

With communists in such huge numbers scattered not just within the Vatican but around the world, wherever the Church is concerned, one wonders if the Christian doctrine is under threat. With a figure such as that of the Pope himself endorsing ideas that go directly beyond Christian thought, the times ahead surely look dark.
Many of these newly appointed persons—Sosa in particular—are all on board publicizing the climate change mantra, and touting their modernistic and liberal ideas. Sosa has, in fact, expressed the desire to “interpret” and “contextualize” what is said in the Bible—this is nothing but a sugar-coating of the attempt to rewrite the Bible for personal gains.
Perhaps one would think that the Pope would stop at preaching his core ideologies so publicly but no, there’s more and far more dark work afoot. The shocker came in 2016 when the Pope planted Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal as the general superior of the Jesuits. Sosa is a renowned Marxist, and has in the past tried to counter traditional Christian teachings by writing about the “Marxist mediation of the Christian Faith.”
And note the China comment at the end of the short article below.

For additional study check these out…

Collection 1: Introduction to Economics

Conference on Christianity and Economics (8 lectures)

  1. The Growth of Government in the United States, John Robbins 
  2. The Roots and Fruits of the Environmental Movement, E. Calvin Beisner 
  3. The Ministry of The Trinity Foundation, Jack Lannom
  4. The Failure of Secular Economic Theory, John Robbins 
  5. The Failure of Secular Economic Policy, Ronald Cooper 
  6. Justice and Wealth, E. Calvin Beisner 
  7. Christian Economists: Do They Know What They Are Doing? Ronald Cooper 
  8. The Promise of Christian Economics, John Robbins 

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