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Catch of the Week – December 1st

I thought I would make another attempt to capture articles of note 📝 in my blog rather than emailing them our directly to friends and family. Some of these are just informative, some challenging. Most people I know don’t read blogs, preferring books, DVD’s, TV news or PODcasts. So I doubt many will actually read these, but if you are inclined bookmark my site and come back to check this series of posts every week or so.

Food for Thought

First Thanksgiving

Christian “Separatists”

Michell Lesley has some hard advice from a few years ago.

“And men, it’s crucial that you get it on this one. You’re the pastors. The elders. The husbands. The fathers. The ones responsible before God for leading your churches and your families in doctrinally sound spiritual growth. You’ve got to get this for the sake of the girls and women you lead:”

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